My Experience with YoYo – A Massage Girl Near Sunway Nexis

Today, I was driving my Grab past Sunway Nexis and felt a bit tired. I wanted to rest, so I looked for a parking spot, parked my car, and had a cup of coffee nearby. Suddenly, I thought about getting a massage, so I opened the trading site to check for nearby massage places. As I was browsing, I saw Yoyo’s ad. I clicked on it and added her on WeChat. Luckily, she was available, so we added each other. We chatted for a while, and I asked her, ‘Do you have time for a massage?’ She agreed, so I made an appointment and went to see her immediately.

When I walked in, I saw her waiting for me. We greeted each other briefly. Because the weather was hot, she offered me a glass of water to quench my thirst and then led me to her room.

I eagerly undressed and lay on the bed, waiting for my sweet girl Yoyo to start massaging me. After a short while, she began the massage. The pressure was just right, and it wasn’t boring as she kept chatting with me. As we talked, I felt her touch my inner thigh. Initially, I thought it was accidental, but it turned out the massage session was over, and it was time for the part I had been looking forward to. She slowly teased me and then suddenly used the ‘sea bottom scoop,’ making me feel extremely pleased. Seeing that I was enjoying myself, she asked me to turn over for the next part. When I turned over, my little brother stood up straight, like during the national anthem, which made her a bit shy and she quickly covered him with a towel.

Then, she slowly caressed my body. My hands were definitely not staying put as I touched her legs and butt. She also licked my nipples. My hands wandered into her clothes, wanting to touch her big boobs, so I asked her to take off her clothes for me to touch. Her skin felt really nice, and holding her was very comfortable. I thought to myself, if I could sleep with her in my arms every day, I would sleep very soundly. Her boob massage was also incredibly enjoyable. When she helped me finish, she didn’t rush it. She slowly caressed me and gently stroked me, while I played with her breasts. And finally, I finally cum to her soft and gentle approach.

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