My Experience with Jen – A local KL escort

This is my first time writing a review about my experience with sexual services, and I hope you all enjoy it. I’ve rarely gone to such places; usually, I just visit massage parlors for handjobs or blowjobs, but she was an exception, and she’s a local Chinese girl.

I met Ah Jen a few years ago at a Malay massage parlor. Although she is two or three years older than me, she still looks good and has a nice body. I used to get handjobs at the massage parlor, and we never had sex, just kissed and groped during the massage. Later, she told me she was doing hotel massages, where the environment was more comfortable. Even though she said it was RM180 for an hour of massage and a handjob, plus letting me touch her breasts, I decided to give it a try.

When I arrived at the hotel, she was wearing a sexy slip dress without a bra, and I could see her nipples poking through, which was really sexy. She asked if I wanted to take a shower first or start the massage right away. I decided to take a shower first to freshen up and then lay on the bed for her to begin.

The hotel mattress was a bit soft, so the massage wasn’t particularly satisfying, but I was mainly there to relieve some tension. Then she asked if I wanted a special B2B (body-to-body) service. Wow, I felt like I hit the jackpot! It was my first time experiencing this with a local girl. Ah Jen had nice breasts, not too big or too small, 36C, and though her nipples were a bit dark and large, they were still quite sexy. She started by rubbing her breasts against me, licking my ears, neck, back, thighs, and balls. I couldn’t take it anymore and turned over for her to continue. We kissed and groped each other passionately, and then I pulled down her sexy lace thong to lick her pussy. I discovered she was clean-shaven, with no pubic hair, and her pussy was neatly trimmed. The outer lips were a bit dark, but the inside was still pink. I used my tongue to lick and suck her clit while my fingers teased her nipples and labia. She soon became very aroused. We then did a 69 position, and I asked if she wanted to have sex. She said she really wanted to, especially since she hadn’t done it with her boyfriend for a long time. She told me I was the first client she wanted to have sex with.

Luckily, I always carry condoms in my wallet. I put one on and started with the missionary position. Ah Jen’s pussy was tight, clearly not often used. It was very wet, and she bit her lip, lightly moaning as if she hadn’t been fucked in a long time. Then I flipped her over for doggy style. Her full butt made her even more wild in this position. The sound of our bodies slapping together made her moan louder, waking up her inner sex drive. She started shouting for me to go harder and faster. When I was about to come, I switched back to missionary because I like to see my partner’s face during orgasm and watch her breasts bounce. After a few more minutes, we both reached the peak of excitement, sweating all over. After I came, I didn’t want to pull out right away, so I left my dick in her pussy for a while and cuddled with her. She told me I made her feel so good, and I was the first man she had sex with after a massage. We then took a shower together, where we kissed and touched each other, making me hard again

She gave me another blowjob for free, and I couldn’t resist having another round of sex in the shower without a condom. I finished by coming in her mouth, and she swallowed everything.

We spent a total of three hours at the hotel, and I paid her RM500. She told me that I didn’t need to pay that much because she also enjoyed it, so she only accepted RM288 as a good luck amount. Getting such an amazing experience with a local girl for that price was really a rare lucky moment.

This is a true story from a few years ago. Ah Jen is still not married but has moved to another state for work and hasn’t returned to KL. In KL, I can’t find another partner as good as her. When I asked her if she still provides hotel massages, she said yes, but only for regular customers. She often reminisces about our two rounds of passionate encounters.

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