My Experience with Coco – An Escort Girl in OUG

Upon the recommendation and encouragement of a friend, I went to Bai Hua Wellness and told the manager I wanted a two-hour package and chose number 9.

Coco led me to the room and then to the shower. After the shower, we returned to the room, and she began the massage. The massage was very professional; the pressure was just right, and she expertly targeted all the acupuncture points where my fatigue and blockages were. My fatigue was significantly relieved, and our conversation also provided me with much-needed emotional support, relieving not only my physical but also my mental stress. After about an hour, she brought out hot stones for therapy. Initially, the stones were too hot, and I couldn’t tolerate the heat, so she removed them. She then touched the stones herself to gauge the temperature before applying them to my body. After a few adjustments, she applied the stones directly.

Once the hot stone therapy ended, I vaguely heard the sound of clothes being removed and noticed the lights dimming, signaling the start of the main event. She put on stockings and teased me, asking if I wanted to tear them off. I tried, and to my surprise, they tore easily, revealing a pleasant surprise. The main service then began with her pouring warm water over my body and performing a unique oral suction technique with sounds of “plop, plop”. Her skills were impressive, and she meticulously covered my entire body. She then gave me a full-body massage with her chest, slowly and steadily, allowing me to thoroughly enjoy the service. Next, she used her fingers to gently explore my entire body, making me feel both ticklish and comfortable, quickly arousing me. She asked me to lift my hips and performed a “海底捞月” technique, then slid under me for an oral pleasure session. I turned around, and we switched to a 69 position.

Maybe because I kept thrusting against her, she soon suggested we switch positions, with her on top and me below. As she moaned and her body trembled, I also reached climax together with her.

After we cleaned up, we took a shower together. Back in the room, she said there was still time and offered me an ear candle therapy session, which was my first time experiencing it. She lit the ear candle, held it while it smoked my ear, and massaged my neck lymph nodes. Once the time was up, I paid and left.

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